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  • Jiangsu the new joint venture company in the United States Increase the market development of globalization
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  • On July 3, 2013, jiangsu to the company in Los Angeles Chimay joint venture company with the United States of America Keysund (XY). Headquarters is located in shandong dongying shengli oilfield, mainly for the oil (gas) field development and production of Christmas tree, wellhead; Oil pipeline valve; Tubing head, casing head professional fluid equipment and accessories manufacturers.

    American companies will become the male in the U.S. and Canadian research and development, the company operating base, for the oil drilling industry in growing local sales and customer service. The new company will set up oil fluid equipment and spare parts logistics warehouse, and sales and service department. Also proposed doctor workstation, the r&d team to set up the oil on the world's highest end equipment the forefront of the market, to fully understand and research and development, the development of the market demand for high-end fluid equipment products and accessories.

    Joint ventures in the United States is an important step in the company development plan, in order to continue to expand its market in the us and Canada has established good status and infrastructure, offer a series of leading products to global customers with technology.

    With the establishment of the new company, jiangsu is in the us and Canada already have from the management, sales, customer support and research and development of local institutions.

    Why location in the United States, the male is more relevant personage says, the United States is the world's largest oil equipment market and the transfer station, through the OTC oil equipment exhibition in nearly three years, there have been more than a dozen males more service customers, the establishment of the new company to provide them with better localization in the near future, customized service. To further strengthen the pace in line with international standards, let the male company walk faster and better in the oil fluid equipment and high-end market products, at the forefront of technology.

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