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  • A quick At the beginning of the year of the horse news continuously Success are a drum
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  • A good news: February 7, 2014, the world famous expert material function, Britain's ambassador to the United States Bodycote material testing department engineers, the national institute of materials technology consultant "material characterization" council two us-based Dr. Li in my American company accompanied by visiting our company, visit the scene of the production and processing, questioned the traceability process quality control management, with the company's management, technology, production personnel in-depth communication and exchanges, to give a high degree of praise, to the company's business strategic goals give full affirmation and support, and said to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges, fluid equipment and improve the product technology research and development capabilities and technical level, build first-class production fluid equipment manufacturing enterprises of science and technology.

    Good news: through three years of export experience accumulated and summarized and processing ability, finally saw the awaken of spring, and the prospects for this year exports a good situation. 1, foreign merchants gathered our during February, lots more people visit our company, export production and processing quality of the products for us to give a high degree of evaluation and approval, through to the company's processing capacity and on-site management of further understanding and recognition, at the same time of build customer confidence, we obtained the customer more large orders and contracts, there are intentions have been concluded and the order of about $6 million. In 2014 for the whole good, big step towards the new brilliance!

    Good news three: at present, our company the victory oil field fracturing wellhead device market share of 98%, high-quality product quality, efficient and practical product performance, improve the timely after-sales service, the river estuary west production plant, production plant, pile now praise production plant, production plant is facing the plate and directly appoint our company as fracturing wellhead only production suppliers.

    The other, the company is actively developing changqing oil field, xinjiang oilfield, daqing oilfield, liaohe oilfield fracturing market, strive for greater performance. Male people work together to catch more, help, and constant pursuit of perfection and transcendence, let us together to build a high performance team, to create the top oil fluid equipment brand products.

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