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  • Increase the investment to expand to new high-end fluid equipment production research and development base
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  • On February 18, 2014 is the jiangsu to adhere to the science and technology to drive productivity, more high-end products in the production of core power for the enterprise development strategy to the day of the substantive progress. Findings from a study of the board of directors of the company: joint venture in 2014 with the chi mei company planning to make the top fluid and equipment research and manufacturing enterprises in China, plans to invest $260 million (including jiangsu to the 51% stake, the chi mei 49% stake), will be in binhai garden or shengli oilfield petroleum equipment industrial park of valve 500 mu of land expropriation, a new high-end fluid equipment production research and development base project, is committed to research and development and production of high technology content and practical fluid equipment and accessories.

    This is our company after the joint venture company in the United States, another major move. Has been committed to the market as the guidance, to science and technology as the power, take the customer as the center, based on now, go the way of high-end products strong companies. Accelerating the company accelerated the pace of expansion, which will drive the company into new growth.

    At present, the domestic oil equipment manufacturers, with big difference and products, scientific research and technology, the lack of core competitiveness, the competitiveness of the international market of high-end fluid equipment, in particular, but few really go the way of the high-end products of scientific research production, can't really meet the needs of market and customers, through the company's market information and customer demand, combined with the company doctor workstation technology research and development, coupled with the local government is a big support for this project, choose in pump valve factory, has both advantages of cluster, and the investment environment and investment policies.

    At present, the company has started to recruitment of new plant reserves work, actively contact dragon pure DMG company in Germany and South Korea machine plant type and so on international famous machine tool manufacturers, the introduction of world-class mechanical processing equipment, plans to introduce Germany DMG vertical machining center, Germany DMG horizontal machining center, Germany DMG compound machining center, Germany DMG milling machining center, DMG five-axis linkage machining center, Germany DMG milling machining center, Germany DMG turning machining center, Germany DE Ma Jili lie conversion processing center, Germany DMG CNC lathes and other machining equipment and south Korean dragon precision machine tool, and the KING of the company's testing equipment.

    Further improve product manufacturing process capability and accuracy, improve the capacity and efficiency, to the American doctor workstation as the core, strengthen the oil drilling equipment and fluid equipment research, design, production and processing capacity, expanding the company's business scope of services, strive for building ChengDa postpartum three years to achieve annual output value over 1 billion yuan of high-end fluid equipment enterprises. Real talent thriving enterprise, science and technology strong enterprise grand strategic objectives.

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